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We offer a variety of tournaments and events accommodating all ages and skill levels!!

Senior Bowler of the Year

Congratulations, you have qualified for the Coram Country Lanes Senior Bowler of the Year Tournament!

Wednesday, May 15th
12:30 pm (noon check in)

Annual 700 Club Tournament

Sunday June 2nd | 4:30 pm (4:00 check in)

1st Place: $500 (based on 40 entries)

  • Open to any current Coram Country Lanes bowler with a 700 series
    during the 2018 - 2019 league season (open to female bowlers w/ a 600)
  • 3 Games of Qualifying c Hdcp 90% of 240
  • After qualifying round, top 5 finishers will advance to stepladder finals
  • Just a $30 entry fee per bowler. 1:6 will cash
  • Space is limited. A $10 deposit required to reserve spot

Please contact Mike or Candice for more info!

Tournament Rules:

1) Our 700 Club Tournament is open to any 2018/2019 Coram Country League Lanes
bowler with a verifiable average as of April 1, 2019
2) Your highest Coram Country Lanes average (as of April 1, 2019) will be used.
3) Hdcp is 90% 240.
4)Three games of qualifying. Top five advance to Step Ladder finals.
5) All USBC Rules apply
6) Candice, Kathy & Mike are the tournament directors and has final say on any and all rule

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