We offer a variety of tournaments and events accommodating all ages and skill levels!!

Saturday CoolWick Shootout Tournament

First Saturday of Every Month Dates:

Tournament Rules:

All teams will bowl 3 games on 1 pair of lanes. Team total series, including handicap, will determine placement.

2) All prize money will be returned 100%. Bowlers entering average will be their highest verifiable 2017-2018 average.
If 17/18 average, highest 16-17 avg will be used for first 12 games then tournament avg is established. Bowlers with no verifiable average may
bowl with a 230 avg. Penalties for reporting incorrect averages will be governed by USBC rule 319a-3. Tournament directors reserve the right to re-rate any entry at any time during the tournament.

3) All entrants must have a current USBC card.

4) Team handicaps will be made up of individual bowlers’ handicaps. Individual handicaps will be based on 90% of the difference
between the bowler’s highest verifiable average and 230.

5) Maximum individual handicap will be 81 pins per game for men and 90 pins per game for women.

6) Bowlers’ individual averages will be adjusted based on total prize money won, including brackets and side pots. Bowlers will lose
1 pin of handicap for every $100 they earn. Tournament directors reserve the right to increase a bowlers’ individual handicap
at their discretion based on prior tournament performance.

7) A Bowler’s individual handicap may never exceed their handicap based on their entering average.

8) Team captains are responsible for verifying eligibility and team members’ entering averages.

9) Team will be made up of 4 bowlers. Any combination of men or women may be used to constitute a team. All team rosters must be
submitted by the close of business on the Friday prior to the tournament. Rosters must be submitted either in person at
Maple Lanes Countryside or via e-mail to
10) Team entry fee is $160 per team. A non-refundable $20 deposit must be paid by the close of business on the Friday prior to the
tournament in order to guarantee a spot. Deposits must be paid either in person (cash or credit/debit card) or via telephone
(credit or debit card). Checks will not be accepted. Walk in entries will be accepted if spots are available. All walk in entries
must be checked in by 6:30 pm

11) First place will be GUARANTEED to pay $1000 each tournament. $100 Team High Game Out of the Money will be paid for each
game at the conclusion of each tournament. All team prizes will be paid off 1 place for every 5 entries.

12) Team check-in will begin at 6:00 p am on the day of the tournament. Any team not checked in prior to 6:30 pm will lose their spot
and forfeit their deposit. Practice will begin promptly at 6:50 pm.

13) Bowlers who are observed by tournament officials not acting in the best interest of the tournament may be immediately disqualified.
Should a disqualification occur, no monies will be refunded.

14) Bowlers will have the opportunity to enter Nassaus (Scratch & Handicap) and Brackets (Scratch & Handicap)

15) The tournament director reserves the right to refuse any individual or team entry. Tournament director’s decision will be final in all matters.

16) Any rule not directly addressed above will be governed using current USBC playing rules.

Club 300 Handicap Youth Tournament

  • Sunday, November 28th & Sunday, December 26th
    • 10:00am start time
    • 9:30am check in
  • 3 games
    • Highest total wins
  • Top 5 payout
    • Based on 30 entries
  • Win scholarships
  • $25 entry fee
  • Handicap is 90% of 240
  • 2020-2021 average will be used

Senior No Tap Tournaments

  • Last monday of every month
    • Beginning October 25th
      • 10:00am start time
      • 9:30am check in
    • 3 games of 9 pin no tap
    • Handicap is 90% of 230
    • $10 per person
      • Cash payouts for top spots