Maple Lanes Lakeland's new owners are not new to the game… or to the bowling business.

I wanted an opportunity to introduce ourselves to Maple Lanes Lakeland and Lucky’s Sports Bar as well as its bowlers and staff.

I was a few weeks short of 12, nearly 61 years ago, when my dad built our first center. I rolled the first ball at Maple Lanes, starting this journey that finds us here in Lakeland today. My dad taught me some valuable lessons, which to this day keep our customers happily coming back.

From him came the following ideals, “You take great care of the bowlers by taking great care of your staff.” In our world staff members either stay twenty minutes or twenty years. We offer decent wages, health benefits, and a 401K, rare in the bowling business. We will treat you and our staff with respect with the hope that it is always returned. We understand that your satisfaction is our primary goal.

Along with every acquisition comes the rumor mill. First, we never close when we modernize a center. We want you to see all the changes as they progress. So don’t believe the rumor mongers, they have an ulterior motive. We’ll be open for business all summer. And we always give the existing staff a shot to prove themselves.

We do not have an actual timeline for improvements, but we anticipate installing Brunswick’s state-of-the-art SYNC scoring system with large flat screens as soon as they can deliver it. At the same time we will be cleaning all of the ‘corners’ . . . especially providing updated restrooms. We will start with soap and water, paint, and elbow grease and we will proceed from there.

I’ve been an active member of the Bowling Proprietors Association of America, was the national president from 1992-1994, I currently chair the Bowlers to Veteran’s Link (BVL) and support it every single day as our goal is to celebrate our freedom by Brightening Veterans Lives each and every day.


Maple Family Centers is a family business in its third generation.
All of us bowl, and all of us understand that bowling centers need to be clean, friendly, and well maintained. We ask for your patience as we make Maple Lanes Lakeland a center that you will be proud to call your home away from home.