Custom Thumbz Pro Shop & Joe Conigliaro

Located at Maple Lanes RVC

Custom Thumbz is a one-stop shop for

  • Bowling Balls
  • Bowling Bags Below
  • Bowling Shoes
  • All your Bowling Accessories

Using our innovative Custom Thumbz process, pro shops can reproduce a bowler’s favorite thumb hole and create exact duplicate inserts for a perfect fit in each and every ball.

The original patented process for a perfect thumbhole duplication!

Hours of Operation:  

  • Monday through Friday Noon – 7 pm
  • Saturdays 10 am-Noon

For additional information please contact: Joe Conigliaro

Group & Private Lessons Available

Are you ready to take your game to the next level?   If so, lessons will help you get there much quicker!  The technology and experience offered by Joe Conigliaro are second to none!  Joe will work with you to meet your goals and become the bowler you want to be!!  Joe has the experience to work with high caliber competitive bowlers and those of you who are just learning this great game!!  Either way, Joe will help you achieve your goal!  All ages and skill levels are welcomed!

For additional information please contact: Joe Conigliaro 

  • Call: (516) 456-6652
  • Email:

Click here if you are interested in some coaching.